00 Obtaining the KS4 Resources (February 2020 update)

Download the resources

Last Updated: February 12th 2020

Here's a direct link to the KS4 resources page on Capita MyAccount. Note that you'll need a user ID and password on the MyAccount site - you can obtain them from Capita (there's a link on the log in page) but be aware that Capita can take a few days to set up your account. The KS4 resources page is the best way to get the most recent version of the resources.

If the link above doesn't work you will find a recent version of the KS4 Resources below this text - but note that these resources are all created, maintained and published via Capita. So the best way to get hold of these resources is direct from Capita, using the link above.

  • I recommend you bookmark the feed and keep checking for updates. The newsfeed is always going to be the best place to download these resources from. A copy is only provided below for convenience when using this course. Always check the newsfeed before using any of the resources provided here.
  • The marksheets used by the KS4 resources are huge, so before you start make sure that you go to Tools | Performance | Options and make sure there's a tick in the box that says 'Extend marksheet column limit'