10.1 The Actual v Target Grade Report 2018


In this lecture I'll show you how to use an assessment map to copy your school targets into the KS4 resource system, then run the new 'Actual v Target' reports to create a transition matrix by subject. Watch the video below, then check out the notes.


As usual, make absolutely sure you know the exact result set and the exact aspect name before you create your map.

When you go to Reports | Run make sure you use the the correct course code. To make sure you use the correct course code looks at the target aspect name. Strip off the Tgt:GCSE at the front and (9-1) from the end. For example:

  • Tgt:GCSE Music (9-1) becomes Music
  • Tgt:GCSE Physics (9-1) becomes Physics
  • Tgt:GCSE Inf&Comms Tech (ICT) (9-1) becomes Inf&Comms Tech (ICT)

I've uploaded a list of target aspects to this lecture. I've also uploaded a rptdef file that you can import into the report dictionary (Reports | Import) to get an up to date list of all the relevant aspects

KS4 Target Aspects.pdf